C’mon on in and have a look around!

How awesome is this!  Karl from 360Spaces has crated this virtual tour of Dock Cafe – so you can have a stroll around from the comfort of your armchair!

Of course the ultimate Dock experience is a cup of coffee in the real thing – but if you’re suffering from Dock Withdrawal Symptoms when you’re away from the Titanic Quarter, this is just the ticket!

The Six Days of (Dock) Creation

It’s five years since Dock Cafe opened its doors – five unforgettable, exciting, challenging, surprising, crazy years…

It has grown beyond our wildest dreams.  Nothing could have prepared us, back in the early days, for the amazing movement Dock Cafe has now become: over seventy volunteers, hundreds of customers every day, thousands upon thousands of conversations, catch-ups, prayers and pieces of cake…

But right at the start we knew it was something special.  Right from the moment that we were handed the keys to an empty shop unit, and a team of volunteers rose to the challenge of turning it into a cosy community cafe in just six days, ready for the arrival of Eamonn Holmes and the Songs Of Praise film crew.

So began the Six Days of Creation:

Hey birthday boy!

Can you believe it?  Dock Cafe turns 5 next week!

8th March 2012 was the day that Tegan cut the ribbon on our crazy pop-up Honesty Box coffee shop. On that day we hoped and prayed that we would be able to keep it going for a few weeks, even a month or two – I’m not sure we would have believed that we would still be growing and thriving at the centre of Life in the Titanic Quarter five years later.

So that’s worth a party!

We would love to see you at Dock Cafe on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 7:30pm for cake, coffee and celebration. We’ll recap the story so far, and dream some dreams of the future and the next chapter.

You don’t need to bring any gifts – your presence is your present! It would just be fantastic to gather the community of the Dock to give thanks for this life-changing adventure that we all share.

See you there!

PS if you’re new to the Dock, you can follow the amazing story of the events leading up to the grand opening here:
The Six Days Of Creation

Or you can watch the excitement of getting ready for Eamonn Holmes, our very first customer, here: