The Week in Pictures

Staring out the window at grey skies and pouring rain?  Need some cheerful photos of another great week in Dock-world to bring some colour back into your day?  Alrighty then!

Knittin’ at the Dock was a great success – both on Worldwide Knit In Public Day, and the start of our new regular ravelry group (4:30-6:30 every Tuesday evening)

Also a big hit – the new Dock boardroom table has already hosted its first meeting, is nicely booked-up this week and is available for plenty more:

Last Sunday marked the 2nd birthday of the Dock Walk – two fantastic years of walking, chatting, exploring, praying, living out a “church without walls” on Sunday afternoons.  We celebrated with coffees in the sunshine at Titanic Belfast and a quick glimpse on board HMS Caroline (not planned in advance – just one of those fantastic opportunities that spring up on Dock Walks from time to time!)

We also had one of the biggest-yet gatherings of the whole Dock Team – chaplains, directors, management team – for the purpose of some media training.  Even in its infancy the Dock seems to be hitting headlines and getting airtime – so thanks to Aodhan we now feel a bit more prepared the next time someone points a camera in our direction!

And one final picture : back behind the wheel of the big white van we borrowed for ‘Eamonn week‘, collecting more goodies for Dock Cafe.  What goodies, you may ask? – Stay tuned….!