Birthday Bashing…

Huge thanks to everyone who made The Dock’s first birthday a night to remember – and to all those who have been involved in the story over the past year.

It was quite something to sit down and realise just how much has changed.  First of all in the Quarter itself – some of my photos from just one year ago, of scaffolding and bare building sites, bear no resemblance to the fantastic new buildings that exist in the same place today.  Secondly in The Dock – from being a brand new ‘blank page’ initiative, it has a purpose, a vision, an identity – even (almost!) a Business Plan!

But most of all, I guess, in me – the year has formed a fire in me for this ‘Shared Medley’ ministry, and a sense of urgency – that the church and the people of God in Northern Ireland need to find ways to work together, embrace the Shared Future, heal old wounds, work from our similarities and not our differences, and walk boldly into a new era.

Quite a year then – so here are some pictures from the last 12 months, and from the big celebration bash at the Pump House on Monday night:

And on a completely unrelated note, please note that there’s a new date and a new venue for the next Dock Book Group – it’s not this Saturday but Saturday 4th December at 12:00, and instead of our usual venue of The Streat, the new Premier Inn right behind the Odyssey have kindly agreed to let us use a cosy corner of their lobby (seen here hosting its inaugural Dock event, as the Dock Walk ended up in the Inn last Sunday!)

The book’s still the same though! – ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church by Dock Book Group heroes Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch.  Enjoy!