Meeting The Neighbours

What a fantastic night! As the snow started to fall on Belfast last night, a brilliant team of Dock volunteers lit braziers, simmered mulled wine, handed out fruit punch, filled an empty concrete shop unit with fairy lights and Christmas trees, and joined in welcoming, chatting and building community with a great crowd of new Titanic Quarter residents.

Here’s a flavour of the event:

Meet The Neighbours from The DOCK Church on Vimeo.

You might also have heard a bit more about The Dock if you tuned in to Thought For The Day on Radio Ulster this morning.  Michele is one of the new ‘Dock Ambassadors’ and used her 3 minutes this morning to give a fantastic, vivid account of her first Dock Walk and the Meet The Neighbours event last night.

I didn’t know she was intending to do it – so honestly, I didn’t put her up to it or write the script! – but she couldn’t have done a better job of conveying the excitement and potential of the TQ at the moment. Thanks Michele!

And one more piece of fame-at-last: one of the visitors at the campervan last night was Alan Meban, whose blog – Alan In Belfast – is a wide-ranging look at NI life, culture, politics and news.  You can catch up with his impressions of Meet The Neighbours here – the article also includes a video interview with an unbelievably-cold-looking moi!  It’s a good summary of where we’ve got to in the ‘Shared Medley’ – worth a look!