Taking a Leap… Eventually!


For all of you expecting to enjoy watching me plunge to my doom on Saturday at the Titanic Leap, I have some bad news…!  The gadget which was going to be used to stop us Leapers from splatting to a messy end on the stones of the Thompson Dock has been stolen! (I know!  Who steals a PowerFan?!  Apparently it was being transported to an event in England and the lorry got nicked!)

So as I see it I have two options:

1.  Get a crane somewhere on a building site to randomly chuck me into the air and see what happens


2.  Accept that the Titanic Leap will have to be rescheduled – the date suggested at the moment is Saturday 19th June – by which time there will be (theoretically, hopefully!) a shiny new Powerfan to catch me when I fall.

Habitat For Humanity have suggested just extending the fundraising process (so I’ve updated my JustGiving page’s expiry date accordingly) – and I hope that any of you who sponsored me (or were thinking of sponsoring me) for this Saturday will be happy to do the same on the new date!

So apologies to all you car-crash junkies who were hoping to mock my fear on Saturday morning.  I’ll probably sleep better on Friday night now…

2 thoughts on “Taking a Leap… Eventually!”

  1. Are you still pulling out? I could bring a mop and bucket just in case.

    Joking aside, BIG RESPECT for even thinking about it Chris. I am sure you are gutted (But at least not splatted).

    Keep us informed about the 19th June.

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