It’s all coming together…

I’ve had a great week!  On Thursday afternoon, I had the incredible privilege of sharing the vision for The Dock to a room full of church leaders from all sorts of backgrounds… hopefully as a start to a conversation that will keep going and growing from here.

And now that the vision has ‘gone public’ to those leaders, it’s time to start sharing it on t’internet…. except that in true Doctor Who stylee, you’re not going to get it all at once – tonight I’m uploading Episode One (and if you could imagine the ooo-wweeee-oooooohhh credits crashing in at the end, that would be a big help)

The first part tells the story of the first few months of The Dock.  As y’all know, I was commissioned last November with a pretty blank sheet (and not much of a clue as to how to fill it).  Since then, loads of us have shared coffee in The Streat, the Pump House, or anywhere else with a decent brew, and we’ve brainstormed, argued, agreed, dreamed, hoped, planned and prayed a vision for the church in the Titanic Quarter into place.  A few weeks ago I started to get the sense that, rather than continue to fill blank pages with more good ideas, it was time to distill what we had into something short and sweet.  So here goes:

OK, so that’s Episode One!  Now before I tell you what those two words at the end mean to me, I’d love to hear back from you guys.  I’m away now for a few days so I’ll be away from the blog for a wee while – so it’s over to you.  Respond to the blog, email me or post to The Dock’s Facebook wall – what do those two core values mean to you?  Good words?  Do they get you excited about the future of The Dock?